November 30, 2016 | Why KLIS?

Introducing the First KLIS School Band

KLIS is pleased to announce our first school band! Music teacher Joyce Li, who graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music with a degree in music education and a focus on wind instruments, has worked with students of all ages for 6+ years and is certified in the Orff-Schulwerk method (creative music and movement pedagogical approach).

All of our students have the opportunity to join the class, which is held 2 times a week after school. One day is devoted to technical skills and the other is devoted to practice and rehearsal. Students are learning how to read music, training to hear music by ear, and learning the fine motor skills associated with playing instruments.

In addition, our students are learning how to work as a team. Like sports, music is a form of team collaboration, where communication and trust are essential for the unified sound of the band.

We are proud to have Joyce Li leading our first school band, and excited to see how the students grow into their instruments.?Additional after-school activities and clubs will be introduced to the school over time.

As a not-for-profit school serving students in grades PreK-12, our mission is to develop well-educated and internationally-minded citizens who can adapt to a changing world. To learn more about our American Education model and our warm and inclusive community, please contact us.


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