KLIS students can take advantage of the opportunity to supplement their studies with engaging exchange programs in the United States.?We partner with schools across the country to create comprehensive experiential programs that allow students to immerse themselves in different cultures during the academic school year. Our bi-directional exchange programs are culturally enriching and academically challenging, and they provide educators and students with many opportunities to learn from one another.


During our engaging experiential programs, students will:

  • Shadow local students during class
  • Participate in school sports, extracurricular, and community activities
  • Develop invaluable teamwork, communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills
  • Join student clubs that showcase their talents
  • Take field trips and excursions to local landmarks
  • Experience the local culture and lifestyle with a host family


Participants in our exchange programs often return to the US to enroll as full-time high school students, making KL Exchange programs?perfect for international students hoping to further their academic and career goals in the US.


Program Length: TBD during academic year
Location: US public or private school
Participant Ages: 5 - 18
Group Capacity: >15
Student-Staff Ratio: 10:1
Accommodation: Local host family or dorms
Meals: A combination of host family meals, school cafeteria, and dining out
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